Aug 30

Halong Bay – Vietnam’s Top Visitor Attraction

Considered to be one of the world’s natural wonders, Halong Bay is a mysterious and magical limestone archipelago, which lies 100 kilometres off the eastern coast of Vietnam. Consisting of over 1000 islands, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1994.

The islands span across 120 kilometres of emerald green water and support a diverse ecosystem including mangrove swamps and coral, which attract visitors from all over the world who come to experience this unique hidden treasure. Several of the islands are dotted with caves to explore and ponds to swim in and visitors can be sure of a warm welcome from local fishing communities. The lush green islands are said to have been spat into the sea by dragons who wished to help local people fend off intruders during war.

How To Get There
There are several ways to see Halong Bay as it is such an established site of interest. You can take a domestic flight from the nearby Halong City or if you are coming from Hanoi you can join locals on a four hour bus journey. It should be noted that public transport is usually very basic and conditions can get cramped and very warm.

The islands can also be visited as part of an organised boat tour. Boat tours give you the option to utilise the services of an experienced guide and many will include food, drink and excursions such as kayaking or snorkelling.

Getting Around
Several ports service the islands, with Cai Roong, Halong City and Haiphong being the most popular with visitors. Halong City has ports used exclusively by tourist boats and due to its location, serves as the ideal starting point for exploring the islands.

Due to the size of the archipelago, it is popular with those who enjoy sailing holidays and sail boat charters are available for visitors who wish to be more in control of their trip. Chartered boats offer the security and comfort of a knowledgeable crew who can show you the biggest attractions and provide fresh local meals, but also the freedom to tailor your trip to your own needs.

Unforgettable Experiences
Due to the bay’s UNESCO status, many areas are protected and cannot be developed. As a result, visitors are instantly transported back in time and are afforded a rare glimpse of a world untouched by modern ideals. Head to Dau Be for some diving amongst the surrounding coral or the opportunity to swim in the hidden inland lakes. If you time your visit well it is even possible to explore the interlinking caves at low tide.

Dau Go Island and Pelican Cave on Bo Hon Island offer the chance to witness the extraordinary stalactites and stalagmites projecting over 20 metres from the surface. This is one sight you must capture on camera.

Bo Hon Island is home to the The Virgin Cave, which is the most popular cave on Halong Bay due to its shrine. Local folklore states a young woman committed suicide in the cave to escape a forced marriage to an old man who took her when her parents could not afford to pay their debts. The girl’s body was found by local fishermen, who buried her and created a shrine that still exists today.

One of the main attractions of the area is the people who live there. Many locals live in floating villages and continue to fish for a living as their ancestors did. It is possible to stop at a village and pick up fresh fish from local fishermen or even spend a night or two staying with a local family .

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Nov 15

Gala to welcome Halong Bay as the new natural wonder of the world

The result of a poll to determine the New 7 Wonders of Nature is announced. The provisional New7Wonders of Nature are, in alphabetical order: Amazon (South America), Ha Long Bay (Viet Nam), Iguazu Falls (Brazil/Argentina), Jeju Island (South Korea), Komodo National Park (Indonesia), Puerto Princesa Underground River (Philippines), Table Mountain (South Africa).

A celebrating gala of the 4-year voting campaign for Ha Long Bay as one of the new natural wonders of the world was jubilantly held in the evening of November 12, 2011 at August Revolution Square in the front of Hanoi Opera House by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The gala aims to look back on the road to success of Ha Long Bay in four years and be grateful for the communities’ responses and supports for Ha Long Bay.

During the four years, the campaign “Vote for Ha Long Bay” had been conducted throughout the country with many diverse forms such as photo contest, writing contest, cycling, television bridge, arts performances…

Recognized as a World Heritage site twice by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and now listed among the new seven natural wonders of the world, Ha Long Bay has contributed to promoting a image of Viet Nam to the world.


Nov 11

Malaysia’s tourism minister votes for Halong Bay

Malaysia’s Minister of Tourism YB Dato’ Sri Ng Yen Yen has just voted for Halong Bay to become one of the seven new wonders of the world, saying she had a very interesting time enjoying the world’s heritage site.

“That’s fantastic,” the Malaysian dignitary said about her experiences with Halong Bay in Quang Ninh Province while officiating the opening of Tourism Malaysia’s office in Hanoi on Tuesday.

“I posted on my Facebook a lot of nice pictures that I took in Halong Bay,” she said during the opening ceremony, which was also attended by Nguyen Van Tuan, head of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

“Vietnam is an important tourist generating market for Malaysia,” Yen Yen said. The opening of Tourism Malaysia in Hanoi is in line with the country’s efforts to enhance its presence in Vietnam and strengthen marketing networks with its Vietnamese counterparts such as tour operators, airlines, and hotels.

According to the minister, last year a total of close to 160,000 tourists from Vietnam visited Malaysia. Malaysia expects to attract 200,000 Vietnamese tourists in 2012.

The Minister of Tourism Malaysia noted that Vietnam has a long standing culture and a lot of nature wonders, so “it deserves to be one of the most interesting destinations for tourists to Vietnam.

(Source: SGT)

Oct 29

Overseas Vietnamese in Belgium vote for Halong Bay

Many staff members of the Vietnamese embassy and representative offices in the European Union along with Overseas Vietnamese and Vietnamese students gathered in Brussels on October 25 to vote for Halong Bay as one of seven new natural wonders of the world.

The Vietnamese ambassador to Belgium, Pham Sanh Chau, said this was the third time in the last five months they had come together to vote for Halong Bay.

Launched on October 11, the final stage of the vote will close on November 11.

The list of seven new natural wonders with an overwhelming majority of the votes will be announced on November 11, 2011.

Halong Bay has been twice recognized as a World Natural Heritage site by UNESCO.

(Source: CPV)